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Painting and Decorating

We’re super lucky to have our own experienced Painting and Decorating team on hand. Simply Homes Group are here to offer the complete package, from external decorating to the interior of your home. We use brush and roller; but if you want that flawless finish, why not try our spray system? A non-obligatory quote is available on request.

Reviews from Customers

I was fascinated with the idea of the wall in my house being sprayed so I tried one room with Marcus company and the finish was so amazing I got the whole house done. It s a Victorian 5 bed house with big ceilings, pictures rails and dado rails in wood which meant all they were painted by hand the walls sprayed. The finish is spectacular and a sort of matt unique surface no brush marks due to the spray. Really excellent.

Revive & Restore first worked on my main bedroom with tall Victorian ceilings so I took a leap of faith with the spray painting and I have never looked back. They have since done all 3 floors of the hallway to loft and are now working on my sitting room/dining.

Marcus and his team do superior prep work on the wood firstly and the walls to such a high standard that I was mesmerised to watch. The woodwork had been painted so many times since the Victorian times it was clogged and heavy. It has been renewed. The spray technique creates such a finish like powder and adheres to the walls so beautifully.

I used Valspar trade paints (see pics on Revive & Restore page) as their quality and colour range is fantastic with Revive & Restores finish and expertise. Thank you to Marcus, Jordan and Bob.

Marcus was efficient, diligent, punctual and got the job done well. I've not hesitation in recommending him.

I highly recommend Marcus as a painter/decorator. He did a fantastic job on my flat. First he emailed me a very competitive quote (isn't it amazing how many people fail at this stage?) and he finished the job on time, on budget with fantastic customer service.

His work is very tidy & professional, and he followed up with me to make sure I was happy. When you find a good tradesman like Marcus - keep his number and keep going back.